Grand Chancellor appoints Knight Commander Khaiat to International Post


                                  With interest in our Royal Order of Chivalry growing worldwide since coming under the patronage of His Royal Highness Don Rafael Andujar y Vilches of the Royal and Sovereign House of Cappadocia and San Bartolomeo, our Grand Chancellor, Michael R.S. Teilmann, Duke of Aswan of Cappadocia, has announced the Appointment of Knight Commander Sir Laurent Khaiat as the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen’s “Prior (Designate) for Japan.”

“The Japanese culture is historically rooted in tradition,” said Khaiat. “The government, business and social leaders with whom I have discussed our ancient Order of Chivalry all are enthusiastic about our establishing a Priory in Tokyo. We should be ready for an International Investiture, and following that, a fully-functioning Priory within just a few months.” he said.

Sir Laurent is a native of Israel, who was raised in France from childhood to his teenage years, and then moved with his family to the United States.

His formal education was in the state of New Jersey, followed by College in Alabama. He moved to Los Angeles in 1987. Khaiat’s commercial activities have included the ownership and management of a large modeling agency in Hollywood, which introduced him into the entertainment industry. He began producing films with Image Productions, then with Motion Pictures International, making films with the famed producer-director Roger Corman for HBO and Showtime. Khaiat has been honored with both the prestigious Golden Star Halo Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Motion Picture Association of America.

In 1996, Khaiat retired from the film business and pursued a career in real estate investments in California, Hawaii and Tokyo, Japan, which continues as one of his principal activities. A successful entrepreneur, he manages a number of diverse companies including a bullet-proof vest manufacturing company which manufactures custom vests for police and armed forces, mostly in Europe. Another enterprise is a clothing line called “33Symbols" that can be followed on Instagram. His clothing fashions are highly successful in the Asian market, with retail outlets in Tokyo and soon to open in Hong Kong.

                                Khaiat is also a Senior Rules Official or Referee for the USGA, SCPGA, NCAA and SCGA Rules committees, officiating at Championship events throughout the United States. He has one child Anthony who is 16 years of age.                                  
                                In 2006, he was awarded the Congressional Order of Merit by the National Republican Congressional Committee in Washington DC and served as Chairman for the President of the United States dinner twice at the White House.
                                He was inducted into the Who’s who in the West, who’s who in America, Who’s who in the World, and who’s who among professionals. In addition, he is a very active Member of the Free Masons in California, being one of the 3 pillars of one of his blue lodges, an Officer in all the York Rite bodies from Royal Arch to Cryptic, to Knight Templar, and is also an officer in the Scottish Rite Los Angeles Valley.                                  

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