9 July, 2011
Santa Clara Convention Center

Legendary Masters and Black Belt Testing


His Grace Michael, postulant Sandra Costa and her son Angelo attended a breath taking and most amazing event given by Chevalier Great Grand Master, Dr. Tae Yun Kim in support of a fundraiser for "Save the Children".

In attendance, there were over 500 guests for this Martial Arts Demonstration.

Special demonstrations were performed by the Jung Su Won Masters:
Chevalier Scott Salton, breaking 5 blocks of ice.  Chevalier Michael Fell, kicking an apple off a sword & doing a side kick on ice.   Chevalier Thomas Saunders, breaking a bottle with his elbow.  Chevalier Paul Newman, catching an arrow in mid flight.

All these amazing demonstrations must be seen to have a full understanding of the skills, strength and concentration and commitment that are required to give such great performances.

Great Grand Master Kim gave some of the most outstanding performances showing what special ki energy can do for any one as she performed two special demonstrations of amazing strength, focus and concentration.


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