Constantine Members in Action

  • A Special Commendation - The medal of merit is a special commendation from the Order of Constantine to individuals who have, by their selfless accomplishments, demonstrated their commitment to the betterment of humanity throughout the world.
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  • San Jose, CA
    Legendary Masters and Black Belt Testing
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    • His Grace, Michael, and Postulant Sandra Costa head to the Santa Clara Convention Center.

  • Riverside, CA
    St. Lazarus Priory of the USA
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    • Officers and Members of the Order celebrate an Investiture and Dinner with the newly formed Order of St. Lazarus Priory of the USA.

  • Portland, OR
    A Weekend in Portland
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    • His Grace, Michael, spends the weekend with our Order's Priory in the Pacific Northwest and members of The Order of the Green Cross.
    • Tour the Skedco Facility in Tualatin, OR


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