Royal Order of Constantine the Great
and Saint Helen


      Annual Dues                     $100.00 each member

Each member contributes $100 annually for membership dues. These funds enable our Order to operate and allow us to provide funds to worthy individuals and charitable efforts. To date we have awarded grants amounting to more than $105,000 that have provided vital support to the less fortunate and to important charitable projects.
PayPal usrs: Please be aware that you will be charged an additional $5.00 for each transaction in order to offset the charges and fees incurred for using PayPal.

You may avoid these additional charges, by mailing your personal check or money order to the address: The Royal Order of Constantine the Great & St. Helen
4425 Thomas Drive, Suite 405-C
Panama City Beach, FL. 32408


The Order appreciates donations which allow us to further our humanitarian efforts worldwide.

To date we have provided support - either ongoing annual support or a one time donation - for:

PAN (Portland Autism Network, Portland Oregon)
Operation Smiles - Dental Surgery for Children, Phillipines
Clean Water Initiative - thru H.I.H. Prince Ermias, Ethiopia
The Hugarian Orthodox Church - (The Nuns Home)
The Idyllwild Volunteer Fire Department, California
Kiawanian Foundation
Student Scholarships, Finland
The Childrens Program
U.S. Marine Corps Semper FI Fund
Clothe the Children
Burning Star NGO (Aremnian School Project)
The Dame's Quarters, (At Risk Women's Shelter) California
California Hethushka (Native American Project)
Food Bank and Outreach Centers
The Sunburst Fund (Military Reserve)
Navaho Indian Reservation Water Project, Arizona
Columbia Orthodox Church
Byzantine Orthodox Church


       Investiture Passage Fees

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