Vision Statement

The Order's vision is to perpetuate and expand the knightly virtues, to encourage intellectual rigorousness, to recognize the exemplary conduct and achievements of its members, and to enhance society through our Leadership Program which nurtures, develops, and inspires the innovators of tomorrow.

  • Members will conduct themselves with personal honor, loyalty, discipline, and obedience to the constitution of the Order and to its superiors.
  • The Order recognizes the educational works and charitable acts of its members and believes in leading through example.
  • Members will diligently provide service to others by offering assistance to persons in need without regard to race, religion, or nationality.
  • Knights and Ladies of the Order will educate themselves and others about chivalric culture and values.
  • The Order sponsors a Leadership Program for young men and women from 14 to 21 years of age. They will be known as "Squires" and "Ladies-in-Waiting." Through individual mentorship and group support, these young men and women will develop the chivalric values and modern skills which will deepen that young person's commitment to the guiding principles of the Order and help develop the leaders, innovators and peacekeepers of tomorrow.
  • Subdivisions in the Order may have additional goals particular to their needs and characteristics. These goals must be in accordance with the Order's constitution, be submitted in writing, and be approved by the Grand Council and the superiors of the Order.


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