Code of Conduct for Squires and Ladies


A new Knight or Lady joining the Order has indicated a wish to further the chivalric code of knighthood. The following principles are presented here as a guide to the new Knight or Lady and are based on the high standards that the knights of old strove to uphold. These principles should guide Knights and Ladies in daily life and as members of the Order.

  • A knight should be charitable and comfort those who are afflicted.
  • A knight will serve faithfully and defend his Grand Master and country courageously.
  • A knight will forgive the follies and offense of others and sincerely embrace the love of friends.
  • A knight will esteem truth and will never create nor participate in falsehoods.
  • A knight needs to avoid sloth and superfluous ease. He/she will spend his/her time in honest and virtuous action.
  • A knight shows reverence to magistrates and persons in authority and gives honor to those in authority.
  • A knight will eschew riot and detest intemperance in any form, whether in his/her personal life or in the eye of the public.
  • A knight will eschew dishonest pleasures and endeavor to do good to others.
  • A knight will accommodate himself/herself to the humor of honest company.
  • A knight will shun the conversation of perverse persons and behave in a modest way at all times.
  • A knight will be sober and discreet, no boaster of his/her own acts, and no speaker of himself/herself.
  • A knight will desire no excessive riches and patiently endure all worldly calamities.
  • A knight will undertake just enterprise and defend the rights of others.
  • A knight will support the oppressed. He/she will do everything in his/her power to provide help and succor to any who are afflicted in any way.
  • A knight will prefer honor before worldly wealth and be just and faithful in both words and deeds.


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