Officers of the Imperial & Charitable 
Order of Constantine the Great & Saint Helen

  Grand Master & Grand Prior General
  H.G. Michael Teilmann, Duke of Aswan
Members of the Grand Council:
  H.E. John Quiroz, Grand Prior of the USA
  H.E. William Wenger, Grand Prefect (On overseas Military Duty)
  H.E. The Honorable Ben Zvenia, Grand Legal Counselor
  Chevalier Jon Wilhelm, Grand Silver Master
  Chevalier Ron Dunn, Special Communications Assistant to the GPG
International Officers:
                    North America and the Pacific
Flag of USA Grand Prior for the USA, H.E. John Quiroz
Flag of Australia Prior for Australia, H.G. Graeme Innes
Flag of Canada Prior for Canada, KC. James Patrick Mac Millan-Murphy
Flag of USA Commander for The Republic of Georgia, H.E. William Wenger
Flag of Korea Ambassador for S. Korea, H.E. Dr. Tae Yun Kim
Flag of Japan Prior (Designate) for Japan, KC. Laurent Khaiat
Flag of Celtic Ambassador for the Celtic Episcopal Church, H.E. Archbishop John Rinkle
Flag of Mexico Ambassador for Mexico, H.B. Metropolitan Daniel, Ukrainian Orthodox Church
  Ambassador for the Greek-Byznatine Church, H.E. Mathew Matyas P. Clark
                    South America
Flag of Columbia Grand Chancellor, H.E. Archbishop Jario Gonzales Montoya
Iglesia de la Sante Fe del Oriente Christiano. Columbia
Flag of Brazil Commander for Brazil, Prof. Dr. Bruno Italu Colares
Flag of Venezuela Ambassador for Venezuela, H.E. Archbishop Carlos J. Torres-Vasquez 
Flag of Bolivia Ambassador for Bolivia, Chevalier Freddy Gonzales Flores
                    Western Europe
Flag of Belgium Grand Chancellor, H.G. Christian Decouvreur, Benelux
Flag of Italy Grand Prior for Italy and Benelux, H.G. Luc Chapelle
Flag of Italy Prior for Southern Italy, KC. Aldo Bianchi
Flag of France Prior for France, H.E. Baron Philippe G.Y. Saint-Solieux 
Flag of Austria Ambassador for Austria, KC. Gerhart W. Walch 
Flag of Greece Ambassador for Greece, DC. Maria DiGiovanni 
Flag of Malta Ambassador for Malta,  H.E. Massimo J. Ellul 
                Finland and the Baltic States
Flag of Finland Grand Chancellor and Prior, H.E. Pertti Jalasvirta 
Flag of Ukraine Reverand Ievgen Khvalkov, Ukranian Orthodox Church 
Flag of Armenia Prior for Armenia, Sir Edward Cook 

Officers of the Grand Priory of North America:
  Grand Prior of the USA; H.E. John Quiroz. KGCCG
  Special Communications/Events Assistant to the GPG, Ron Dunn, K
  Prior for California, Bradley Niederhauser, KC
  Prior for San Francisco Bay Area, H.E. Dr. Tae Yun Kim, DC
  Grand Prefect; H.E. William Wenger, KGC (On Overseas Military Assignment)
  Grand Dame for the Order of St. Helen in the USA, LeeAnn Quiroz, DC
  Grand Legal Counsellor; The Hon. Ben Zvenia, KGCCG
  Chancellor Mauricio Arocha, KC
  Commander of Virginia, Ron Dunn, K
  Grand Silver Master; Jon Wilhelm, KC
  Prior for the Pacific Northwest; Aaron Jubitz, KC
  Recorder; Lisa Bailey, DC
  Sergeant-at-Arms/Marshall; Aaron Jubitz, KC
  Property Master; Samuel Adams, K
  Event Coordinator; Galo Pesantes, KC
  Prior for English speaking Canada; James Mac Millan-Murphy, KC
  Chancellor for Administration; Shafiq Hasan, K
  Aide de Camp; Mauricio Arocha, KC

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