Path to Knighthood for Youth


An order of knighthood is like any other organization: it must continually recruit new members and new talent in order to grow and function effectively. One of the best ways to accomplish the Order's goals and to grow is to bring in young people who are among the highest achievers in their school work and extra-curricular activities. If the Order can instill the chivalric code and values of a knight of the Royal Order of Constantine the Great & of Saint Helen in the highest achievers of the younger generation, it will benefit not only the Order but each country in which these young people reside. These are our future leaders, and if trained in knightly values and chivalric code, the future of the entirely world will be much brighter.

These young people bring to the Order talents and abilities that can make the Order a force for good as well as a better organization within the chivalric world. The Order has instituted a program for young men and women between 14 to 21 years of age, and of good character, to eventually become Knights and Ladies. These candidates must meet the qualifications laid down in the Order's constitution and must wish to aid the Supreme Grand Exarch and other members of the Grand Council in their duties. Qualified candidates are admitted to the Order as Squires (for the boys) and Ladies-in-Waiting (for the girls). They begin a training program, outlined below, which will bring them into the Order as a full Knight or Lady upon reaching the age of 21.


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