Special Commendation


Sgt Charles Breeden serving with the 1st Squadron Seventh Cavalry, at Ft. Hood Texas, was on patrol in North Baghdad when alerted by local tribesmen of a medical emergency. At this time, the locals were mostly unsure of Americans, and less than forthcoming with information and considered non-cooperative. Upon arriving to a nearby area Sgt Breeden found the tribal leader going into anaphylactic shock from an allergic reaction. Sgt Charles Breeden delivered an Epinephrine injection which is used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions caused by insect bites, foods, medications, latex, and other causes. As it turned out, the injured man was a tribal leader for the Taji al Abbot Tribe in North Baghdad. Due to Sergeant Charles medical attention, this man was able to live another day to see his children and rethink his stand on the Americans.

After this indecent the entire platoon was invited to a feast hosted by the tribal leader and the local Ammon where Sergeant Charles was made an official member of the tribe. Immediately following the event, the area locals where readily forth coming with information on insurgents and friendly to the troops. Before being able to receive his Pour Le Merite Sgt Charles was reassigned and redeployed again for another year with the 38th Engineer Company, 2nd Infantry Division 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team which had been operating in western Baghdad. The units partnered with the 6th Iraqi Army Division, local Iraqi Police, and the Federal Police Forces. The brigade conducted its assumption of partnership ceremony, transferred authority of Diyala Province during more than thirteen months of continuous combat operations in Baghdad's Northern Belt and then in Diyala Province. Both Baghdad's Northern Belt and the Diyala Province are better governed and more secure regions due to the accomplishments and sacrifices of the Soldiers of the Raider Brigade.

Upon returning to the United States and to Fort Lewis, Washington, the troops gathered for the uncovering of the colors and medal award ceremony. Towards the end of the ceremony, Charles Breeden was called upon to receive a special award. The award reads as follows:
"Charlie Breeden POUR LE MERITE - The medal of merit is a special commendation from the Order of Constantine the Great presented by the Prior of the Pacific Northwest, His Grace, the Duke of St. Cyriacus, on behalf of the Grand Prior General, his Grace, the Duke of Gardham, to individuals who have, by their selfless accomplishments, demonstrated their commitment to the betterment of humanity throughout the world.

While deployed in support of OIF 06-08, SSG Breeden's selfless service to Iraqi nationals and his fellow soldiers demonstrated compassion and humanity that brings great credit upon himself and the United States Army." With that His Excellency, the Prior of the Pacific Northwest, hung the medal around his neck and congratulated him on receiving this award. Shortly after, a major who had been just awarded a silver star and a purple heart stopped Sergeant Charles and congratulated him on his award.

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