'Duty is the most sublime word in our language; do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less'.
General Robert E. Lee


The Imperial & Charitable Order of Constantine the Great & of Saint Helen, nurtures the innovators of tomorrow by applying the noble principles of yesterday!

Though the Order was founded by a Christian, today the members are from all nationalities and religions. While we no longer are expected "to maintain a battle-trained horse, three lances and armor in good repair" after seventeen-hundred years we retain our dedication to the concept which inspired those first knights to victory.

Our members goals are to be affiliate with a Chivalric and Charitable Order of Knighthood to develop loyalty, commitment and to extended a sense of belonging to improve the esprit-de corps and to help the less fortunate. The Order is a world wide Order and has Knights and Dames in 22 countries. We are an autonomous Order is in no way affiliated with Eugene Lascaris of Spain or any other of the six branches of this Order.

There is much confusion about the nature of Chivalric Orders in the USA and around the world. Many of the original Chivalric Orders arose in response to the Crusades, others originated due to the need for valiant Knights to serve and protect their Sovereign Lords, the weak and the less fortunate.

After 1291, The Orders under the Grand Masters (Nobles) looked and had to find new missions for their existence since the holy land was lost. Some Orders became Monarchial Orders some became Confraternal Orders, Princely Orders, Baronial Orders or Honorific Pseudo-Orders as other powerful lords followed suit and created their own Orders. In 1525 only four of these Orders survived.

1560 to present. As monarchical orders became unnecessary, they turned into honorific orders, rewarding past behavior of the individual member bound together by a permanent rule of behavior and charitable goals.

Then there is the modern Knight. In this documentary we will examine and explain the modern Knights and Ladies. The modern Knight and Lady evolved into bodies dedicated to charity, educating the public, helping the poor, sick and other good works while acknowledging those who performed similar acts of kindness and generosity. According to traditions and by virtue of the ancient charter, the Grand Masters have the power to confer a Knighthood in their respective Orders. The Orders use the honorific prefix of Chevalier or Dame, they still strive to provide leadership which enhances civilization, following the powerful concepts which inspired those first knights of old. Today the modern Order is an elegant world united by common goals; Members affirm/pledge themselves to its Grand master, H.G. Michael and to the ideals' of Personal Honor, Courage and Service. Because of the high standards that THE ORDER requires, members are accepted only based on personal significant achievement, professional accomplishments, and high social standing. Potential Knights/Dames need to demonstrate the highest personal standards of honor, integrity and moral behavior. The membership selection process is very stringent and all above requirements must be met.

We are a Private (fraternal) Chivalric and a Charitable Order. 501(c)3 and a Public Charity 509(a)2 by the Internal Revenue Code of the USA. Incorporated in the State of California, USA since 2003 and register in the countries of Finland and Belgium, in addition we have members in Australia, Japan, Canada, Italy, Sardinia, Armenia, Romania, Estonia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Columbia.

  1. PRIVATE, As a group of people, moved by the same common goals, knighted by a Grand Prior General.
  2. CHARITABLE, These are pure and authentic Orders, founded by a Noble as the Grand Master. A knight/Lady will prefer honor before worldly wealth and be just and faithful and in both words and deeds.

Michael, Duke of Aswan,
Grand Prior General, Imperial & Charitable Order of Constantine the Great & of Saint Helen

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